Roseburg High School Soccer Camp

Join us for a fun and engaging 3-day soccer camp to help players develop their basic soccer skills and improve their physical abilities.

What: Roseburg High School Soccer Camp 

Open to players of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced (includes all training sessions, activities, and a free t-shirt).

Cost: $75 per player

Register today and receive the following:

  • Personalized coaching from experienced and skilled coaches

  • Fun games and activities to improve your soccer skills

  • A free T-shirt to wear during the camp

  • A chance to make new friends and have fun!

  • To register or for more information, contact us at

TOURNAMENT DATE & TIME: The tournament will be held on Saturday, July 22, 2023.

All age groups will play on Saturday. Preliminary games will begin at 9 am. All teams will have a minimum of 4 games. The top teams in each bracket will play in a final.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: The registration deadline is Monday, July 14th, 2023.

GAME TYPE: All games will be 3v3 with one referee and no offsides.

FIELDS: All games will be played at Fir Grove Park

We will use the 2022-23 season birth year chart. Any team registering in the wrong age group may not be permitted to participate in that age group and will forfeit their tournament entry fee.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Five is the maximum number of players on a team; three field players and two substitutes.